Robb’s Vision


As Chairman of your Fulton County Commission I will work tirelessly, and with complete transparency, to accomplish the following:


Ensure that monies approved by the voters for transportation improvements are spent wisely and in a timely manner


Continue to improve the criminal justice system by reducing the recidivism rate and modernizing our judicial infrastructure

  • Continue to improve senior facilities
  • Maintain steady funding for Grady Hospital
  • Upgrade our animal shelter
  • Complete the Library Facility Master Plan

As a result of the vote on November 8, 2016 by the citizens of South Fulton County to incorporate and become a city, Fulton County changed forever.

Everyone who lives in Fulton County now lives in a city. There are 15 cities in Fulton County—the largest being Atlanta with a population of over 500,000, and the smallest being Mountain Park with a population of almost 600.

In the “New Fulton County,” one might wonder what is the role of Fulton County government, and why should anyone be concerned about it?

I’ll answer the second question first: Simply put, you—as a citizen of Fulton County—pay taxes. Those tax dollars are used to carry out the specific responsibilities that are mandated by the Constitution of the State of Georgia.

Getting back to the first question, the role of Fulton County Government is actually limited to the following five functions:

  • Provide Health and Human Services
  • Operate the County’s Criminal Justice System
  • Appraise and Collect Property Taxes
  • Provide Animal Control & Shelter Services
  • Operate the County Library System

As a taxpayer, you have a say in how Fulton County Government carries out these functions.

The New Fulton County remains the largest of the 159 counties in Georgia, and is the home of our Capitol City – Atlanta. Our County continues to be highly diverse, welcoming any and all walks of life. We must continue to provide the leadership to ensure the continued growth, development and prosperity for everyone in the county, region and the State of Georgia.

I look forward to working with the current members of the Commission, the Mayors and Council Members from all of the cities in Fulton County and other leaders in the region. A lot has been accomplished, but a lot more must be done.